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Is Anybody Out There?

You have built your website, found a host server and
have everything set up ready for business. But Wait!
No one is visiting your site.

You feel like you are locked up in a giant warehouse and
you can hear the traffic going by outside, even hear them
pulling in to the parking lots of nearby stores, but no one
is stopping in to see you.

Setting up business on the internet is similiar in many ways
to setting up a business on main street in your home town.

First of all you need to let people know where you are located.
Sometimes it is a good idea to start advertising before you
are open for business. This is to whet the publics appetite,
get them interested in your business. You have probably
seen ads in your local paper that touted, 'Computer Super
Store, Opening Soon. Watch for grand opening.' Then there
will be a sign posted at the construction sit proclaiming:
'Computer Super Store Opening Soon.'

All this pre-opening advertising is just to get the public interested
in yourr service or product so that they will be looking forward
to your opening and ready to buy.

The second thing you need to do is to let the public know how
your service or product can make their life easier. In the example
of the above Super Commputer Store, just let the public know
how the computer can make it easier to keep up with household expenses.

The third thing you need to do is to offer something free, the bait,
to get the people to plunk down their money for your product. In
the example of the above mentioned Computer Super Store you
could offer free in store computer training with each computer purchase.

So you say you are not selling computers on your web site. So be
it. You still need to advertise. You could use ezine advertising
which is rather inexpensive, or maybe run some ads in the off line
print media to attract a variety of customers.

To really get your message out and let the public know how your
service or product can help them try writing some press releases
and sending out to various publications. You could also write
some informative articles for publication and include your by-line.
This seems to be a great promotional tool.

Now for something free to offer your customer. This could be a free
newsletter, a tips sheet or any informative booklet you can produce
and send out by email at little or no cost.

To get people coming to your site you need to:

1. Let them know where you are and what you have to offer.

2. Tell them how your service or product can make their life easier.

3. Give them an incentive to do business with you.

4. And by all means answer all inquiries promptly.

Good luck, and may your business thrive.

John Watson


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