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Whom Do You Believe?

Question: How can you tell when a politician is lying?
Answer: Whenever his lips move.

It is pretty well known that a politician will tell you anything you
want to hear whenever he is trying to get your vote. However,
it is an altogether different story once he is elected.

We hear more predictions everyday about how most of the
retail business will someday be transacted over the internet,
yet we see ever larger retail shopping malls being built
everyday. These predictions should be taken with a grain of
salt. Not all predictions come to pass.

There was a time back in the mid 1960's when I was having
a discussion with a telephone company employee. This
was at the time when they were just beginning to impliment
the local area codes. Most long distance calls at this time
were still handled by operators.

The telephone company employee told me that the purpose
of the local area codes was to allow each individual to dial
his long distance calls direct without going through an operator
and when they got all the telephone exchanges in the country
set up with their own area code, the company could eliminate
the operators and everyone would pay one basic bill every
month and be able to call anywhere in the USA and as often
as they wanted without any extra charges. The only calls that
would incur extra charges would be international calls.

I think everyone has had their own area code for quite some
time now, but I am still paying for my long distance calls.

This is just one prediction that did not work out. What about
the electric solar powered cars. Another flop.

An old addage that I go by says: "Don't believe anything you
hear and only half of what you see because most of it is padded."

John Watson


John writes a weekly column for his hometown paper The Cleburne Eagle News.
You may read some of his articles on-line at:
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