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Some willow-wood , or gypsy, furniture on display at
Cherokee Saddlery & Trading Co., Cherokee, Texas



Last updated: September 14, 2014

Farm Life
Life Growing Up On A Texas Farm

My early life on the farm.
By:John Watson

All that remains of the old homeplace today are a few
rocks scattered around where the house once sat and
the double row of rocks in this photo marking the
walkway from the house to the yard gate. You can
see the windmill in the distance that we carried
water from.


The following is a short history of my family's life on the farm. Early day farm life
could be very demanding and at the same time, there were times of enjoyment. A history
of farm life will have to include stories of those hardships as well as the pleasures
of fullments and accomplishments associated with life on the farm. This is the story
of some of those farm life adventures.

Life without electricity! No running water! No central heat and air! What was life like
before these modern conveniences came into existence? It was only two or three
generations back that some of us did not have any of these modern facilities.

Since my retirement I have decided to write some short stories about everyday life ‘in the
rough.’ A few of you may be old enough to remember some of the things I speak of and
you younger generation may find it ‘intriguing,’ ‘unbelievable,’ or maybe just plain ‘funny.’

At first I had thought about putting all the stories together into a book and getting it
published, but who knows, I may never get enough written to fill a book and if I do there
would be the problem of finding a publisher. So, I came up with another idea.

So, here is my plan. I have set up this web site and I will post the stories here for familhy
and friends to read. You may want to read all the stories or go down the list and pick
out the ones that sound interesting to you and just read those stories.


Now, on to the stories.

Settling The Homestead
A Little Background
Coping Without Electricity
The Wood Burners
Saturday Night Special
Bath Time
Hog Killing Time
Harvest Time
Winter Wonderland
Revival At The Well
The Original Sack Dress
The Old Fishing Hole
The Old Gate Post
Woodland Lore
Late Night Visitors
Soaping The Tracks
Moon-Shine Holler
Peaches For The Pigs
Lighting Up The Night
Homemade Toys
The Big Fireworks
The Country Schools
Hunting The Texas Jack Rabbit
Riding The Rail
The Run-A-Way Train
The Pigeon That Went To School
Small Town Saturday Night
Conserving Gasoline
Stormy Weather
Train Crash At Crush
The Missing Ticket Stub
The Outlaw Syndrome
The Traveling Salesmen
Gypsy Furniture
Rovers Christmas
What Goes Around Comes Around
The Spider Sat Down Beside Her
Modern Fashions
The Four Seasons
The Sweet Potatoes
Work - A State Of Mind
A Dedicated Golfer
Collapse of the Hwy 67 Bridge
Chief Bowles Massacre
Bombing of Pearl Harbor in pictures
Bono, Texas
Cleburne Brewery
The Interurban accident
The Santa Fe Santa Claus

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Farm Life

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