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Peaches For The Pigs

The year was 1932, the middle of the depression and a lot of people were out of work.
Dad was still living on the farm and had a large peach orchard. This year what little
rain they did get came at just the right time for him to have a bumper crop of peaches.
I remember dad telling that the peaches that year were huge, almost as large as a
grapefruit and really juicy.

As it neared time for the peaches to start ripening dad was wondering what to do with
them. The market price was down and they werren’t hardly worth gathering and carrying
to market. Finally dad came up with a plan that he thought was pretty good. He would
offer the peaches free to anyone who would come and pick them. This would give them
fresh peaches to eat and make pies with and also have some to can to have for the winter.

Come Saturday, which was a big shopping day then, dad went to town to spread the
word. He went to the drug store and told the druggest to pass the word that he had
plenty of peaches and anyone that wanted to could come and pick all they wanted for
free. He went to all the other businesses in town and left the same message, even went
to the bank and had the banker to pass the message on.

All in all, there were two people in town who said that they would take a half bussel
if dad would pick them and bring them to town for them. Dad told them that if they
wanted the peaches they would have to come pick them.

Dad went on back home and started picking peaches and feeding his pigs. Dad always
kept several old sows on the farm and each one would have an average of 10 pigs each.
So every day dad would pick a wagon load of peaches and take to the pig pens and
feed the pigs. He said that it was really something listening to the pigs cracking the
peach seeds open with their teeth to get the seed kernel inside.

No one ever showed up to get any of the free peaches so as long as there were peaches on
the trees dad would pick some every day and feed his pigs. This saved him a feed bill
and he got some good fat pigs. The pigs he could always sell, or butcher and feed the family.


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