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Chapter 27

The Pigeon That Went To School

When I was in the fourth grade my dad got a pigeon for me. I made a real pet out of that
pigeon. Whenever I would get in from school I would turn it out of its cage and it would
follow me around as I did my chores. Whenever I went to take care of the chickens he
would fly up to the top of the hen house. When I put feed out for the chickens he would
fly down and eat with them.

After I had gotten all my outside chores done I would put the pigeon back in his cage and
lock it up for the night. Sometimes I would go out in the mornings and turn him out for a
while before I left for school.

One morning I had gotten about two blocks from home and met up with a neighbor girl
whom I often walked to school with when I heard flapping of wings behind me and
turned to see my pigeon. I had apparently failed to fasten the door good on the cage and
he got out and followed me. Jane and I tried to shoo him back but he wouldn’t leave. I
even picked up some loose gravel at the side of the street and threw at him and he only
flew up toward the tree tops and kept following us.

Upon arriving at school and going inside I thought for sure that he would go home, but
was I wrong. About thirty minutes after class started I heard a tapping on the window
near my desk and when I looked there was my pigeon on the window ledge looking in the
window at me. I thought that maybe if I just ignored him then no one else would notice,
but no such luck.

Jane looked over and saw him also and said, "John, there’s your pigeon at the window."
Then everyone in the class had to turn and look. It took the teacher several minutes to
get everyone settled down and back to studying.

The pigeon would fly off now and then and circle the building a time or two but would
always return to that window ledge. At recess he would always find me on the
playground and stay around close to where I was.

That afternoon, just before school was out, Mrs. Lawson, our teacher, walked over by the
windows and looked at the pigeon pacing back and forth on the window ledge then
turned to me and said, "Mary had a little lamb that followed her to school, but it seems
that you have a pigeon that follows you to school," and smilled real big. Of course
everyone in class got a big laugh from that.

After that I always made sure that the cage was shut and fastened good before I left for
school each morning.


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