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Chapter 5

Saturday Night Special

No. I’m not talking about those cheap handguns that you buy in the back alleys of some
of our larger cities. I am talking about something being special about Saturday nights.

Saturday was nearly always special because that was the day we usually got to go to
town, barring any unforseen accidents such as the car breaking down or a big rain coming
and washing the bridge out. Yes, I’ve seen dad replace the bridge a few times.

A trip to town always meant a visit with the grandparents. But first, we would go by the
cream station to sell the creram and eggs that had been saved for the past week. After a
short visit with the grandparents dad usually went to the feed store first. There dad
would get what feed he needed for the cows and chickens, usually 2 or 3 one hundred
pound sacks of feed. These would go in the back floorboard of the car. Dad had a 1931
Chevrolet 4 door sedan.

The next stop would be the grocery store. The grocery bill usually consisted of a 25 lb
sack of flour, a 10 lb sack of corn meal and a bucket of syrup among other things. Dad
always got the blue label Brer Rabbit cane syrup in the half gallon buckets. The last
things on the list were a pound of bologna, a pound of sliced American Cheese and a loaf
of bread.

The last stop of the day would be at the ice house where dad would get a 50 lb block of
ice. Dad kept an extra burlap bag or two handy to wrap the ice with so that it wouldn’t
be much of it to melt before we got home, a 16 mile drive. Since we had no electricity
we had an “ice box” to keep our cold stuff in. It would hold a 50 lb block of ice in the
top section and this would keep the box cool until it all melted, usually about three days.
You just didn’t try to keep fresh meats on hand as sometimes you would run out of ice
before you could get back to town to get any. You also didn’t have too many drinks with
ice in them, as this would deplete the ice too soon.

After we got home and the groceries and feed had been unloaded and dad had milked the
cows then we were ready for our Saturday Night Special. By this time it would be well
after dark.

That’s when the bologna, cheese and loaf of bread would come out. Sometimes we
would have a head of lettuce too, but we always had plenty of fresh tomatoes from the
garden. To me there wasn’t anything any better than a bologna and cheese sandwich on
white bread. The rest of the week we had homemade biscuits or cornbread with our meals.

After the sandwiches were made we would take them and the oil lamp and go into the
front room. There dad would get the old battery radio out and turn it on and we would
listen to “The Grand Ole Oprey” while we ate. There was nothing to compare to
listening to Minnie Pearl, String Bean, Little Jimmie Dickens and the rest of the group on
a Saturday night.

Who needs TV anyway?

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