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Crash At Crush
Photo Gallery

This crash was staged on September 15, 1896 and at that time there was no such thing as
color film or high speed cameras. The pictures below appear somewhat grainy but for the
technology of the time and my limited skills at transferring them to the web they, hopefully,
will give you an idea of what took place that day long ago.

The photos are courtesy West Katy Depot Park/Museum, West, Texas.

These photos will take a while to load so be patient.

A portion of the crowd that gathered to witness the crash.
This was taken from the photographers stand.

The trains were brought to the point of collision and
stopped when this picture was made. They were backed
up to await the signal for the final run.

A fully-exposed negative shows the egines striking.
Moving trains are badly blurred by length of exposure.

The explosion. Indications are that the boiler exploded
after the trains had collided and the cars had stacked
up. The trains in this photograph have moved three-car-
lengths after the engines collided.

Before the crowd reached the wreck. Of the 12 cars, only
three on one train and two on the other remained upright.

Souvenir hunters swarmed over the wreck. It took some
time to clear a way through the crowd for the wreckers.