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The Deer Hunt

Hunting season is upon us again and if you know any hunters I am sure you have heard
several deer hunting tales by now. One of my uncles was a deer hunter and one year he
told about a deer turning on him and chasing him back to camp. Of course that was the
same uncle that told about going to the rodeo and a Brahma bull chasing him up into
the grandstand.

I was in a cafe on the east side of Lake Whitney one time and noticed a sign on the wall
that stated: ‘This is the gathering place for all hunters, fishermen and all other liars.’
It seems everyone has to stretch the tale a little bit.

In 1962 I was working at Piggly Wiggly and Norris Johnson was the produce manager at
the store. Norris was a great deer hunter and went hunting just about every weekend
during hunting season, taking his teenage son with him.

One Monday morning Norris came to work with this story.

We went hunting at Marble Falls and didn’t see anything while we were at the lease. We
started home Sunday evening and just about sunset we were just south of Hamilton when
a deer ran across the road ahead of us. As he jumped the fence on the other side of the
road he caught one back leg between the top two wires of the fence.

I stopped the car, told my son to get something to kill the deer with, and jumped out and
started toward the deer. My son jumped out, ran around and opened the trunk of the car.
The guns were there but the shells were in the glove box in the car. Not wanting to take
the time to load the rifle, he grabbed the tire tool and followed me.

Just as I got to the fence and grabbed the deer’s free leg, he managed to kick the other
one free. I caught it just in time to keep from getting kicked in the face with it. So here
I stood on one side of the fence holding both back legs of a deer that was on the other
side of the fence kicking like crazy and at the same time hollering to my son to kill it.

My son went through the fence, got around in front of the deer and popped him between
the eyes with the tire tool a few times and finally killed him. We managed to get him
back over the fence, loaded him in the trunk of the car and drove down the next back
road we came to. The first big tree we came to after leaving the main road, we stopped
at, hung the deer from a limb and dressed him out. It was well after dark when we
headed back home.