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Modern Fashions

I remember when I was young and getting down on the ground on my knees to play
marbles or play with my toy cars. Mother was always fussing because I was wearing
holes in the knees of my pants and she had to patch them. After I got older and quit
wearing holes in the knees of my jeans they would still get faded out. I was always
glad when school started so that I could get new jeans that werenít faded and didnít
have holes in the knees.

Todayís kids have no idea how to play a game of marbles, they are usually sitting in
front of the computer playing computer games. They are not near as rough on their
clothes as I was growing up. So, guess what! They go to the store and buy jeans
that are pre-faded and already have holes in the knees to make them look like they
were worn by an active kid.

During the depression and on through W.W. II a lot of people were unable to afford new
clothes for all the family and had to depend on hand-me downs from older family
members. I guess this was part of the economics of a large family, being able to
wear the clothes until they were completely worn out instead of being discarded just
because someone had outgrown them. Clothes could be made to fit fairly well by a
mother who was handy with a needle and thread, but shoes were a different thing.

If you were given a pair of shoes that were a little too small for you, you just
flattened the heel down inside the shoe, leave it partially unlaced if it was too
tight across the toe, and let it flop. It was always easy to spot someone wearing
hand-me-down shoes.

Today you can go to the store and buy shoes made with just the heel cut out, they are
called slides. And I thought it was just a sign of laziness when the loafers came
out and you didnít have to lace up your shoes each time you put them on.


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