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The Fireflies

During the last half of the Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth Century there were a
lot of imigrants from the European Countries migrating to the United States. Upon
arriving in the United States they found many new plants, animals and even insects
that were unkown to them in their home country.

New York was the main entry point for the emigrants, however many entered the
country through ports all down the eastern seaboard and the gulf coast, Galveston
being one of them.

Around 1900 two brothers arrived from Ireland. They had very little money, however
they had brought camping equipment with them, including a small tent. They were
prepared to camp out, and possibly live off the land; until they could find work and
earn enough money to rent a place to live.

After leaving the ship in Galveston, they made their way to Houston, where they thought
they might have a better chance of finding a job. They found a spot in a grove of
trees just outside Houston to make camp.

After getting their tent set up and what possessions they had stored in the tent, they
prepared the evening meal. After finishing the meal and cleaning up they got out
their bedrolls, ready for a good nights rest before looking for a job the next day.

This being in the summertime, the weather was hot and they decided to bed down in the
open where they could get a little fresh air rather than trying to sleep in the
stuffy tent.

After bedding down it didn’t take the mosquitoes long to locate them and start
bitting. If you have ever spent much time along the Texas coast you know how bad the
mosquitoes can be.

The brothers soon decided it would be better to suffer the heat inside the tent rather
than being bitten all night by the mosquitoes; so they got up and moved their
bedrolls inside the tent and closed the flap to keep the mosquitoes out.

Sometime later one of the brothers awoke and spotted two fireflies that had gotten
inside the tent. They were flying all around the tent flashing their little lights.
The young Irishman lay there a few minutes just watching the little lights flash all
around the tent.

This was something that he had never seen before back in Ireland and he was trying to
figure out just what it was.

Thinking back to all the mosquito bites they were getting before they moved inside the
tent, he finally realized what it was. Turning over, he started to shake his brother
to wake him, saying; “Jake! Jake! Wake up. They’re looking for us now with their

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