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A Fish Tale

This story was told to me many years ago by Lonnie Chasteen, a good friend and fellow

I was fishing in some deep water near some cliffs on Lake Benbrook when I snagged
what seemed to be a good sized fish. I worked with that fish for about half an hour
hoping to tire him out and he was putting up a good fight. I was beginning to wonder
which of us were going to tire out first, when the line suddenly went slack.

I reeled in the slack, what little there was, and then I could not get any movement
whatsoever from the fish. It was as if I had suddenly hooked a log. I wanted to know
what had happened to my fish.

Looking around the lake, I spotted a couple of guys with scuba gear diving from a nearby
boat. Getting their attention, I called them over to my boat. After telling them what had
happened, I asked if they could follow my line down and find out what was on it.

“No problem,” said one of them, and promptly dove in the water.

Several minutes later he surfaced and reported, “I found your fish. It is one of the
largest black bass that I have ever seen.”

“Where is he,” I asked; wondering why he had suddenly stopped and I had been unable to
budge him.

“There are several old cars on the bottom of the lake that had been pushed off that
cliff several years ago. He is in one of those cars,” the diver reported.

“Can’t you reach in and get him,” I asked.

“I’m sorry,” said the diver, “but each time I approach the car he rolls the window up.”


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