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A Dedicated Golfer

I have heard that there is no one more dedicated to his passion than a golfer. The game
can be very addictive. Also, I have heard of some ladies being labeled “golf widows.”

Some years back there was a story of a golfer in Ft Worth who claimed to have played
golf everyday for the past 20 or so years except for a few days once when he was in the
hospital. Whenever it snowed he said that he played with colored balls so that he could
spot them in the snow.

Now that is dedication!

Below is another story that I heard. Believe what you will.

A friendly foursome had been playing a game of golf together every Saturday for the past
20 years. They had a standing one o’clock tee time at the club. Like the Ft Worth player;
nothing, not even the weather, stopped them.

This particular Saturday, just as they approached the fifteenth tee, which was by the
highway, a funeral procession started by. One of the golfers removed his cap and stood
there in solemn silence as the procession passed by. The other golfers, a little
bewildered, just stood there and watched him. After the last car in the procession had
gone by he put his cap back on and walked on over to the tee.

One of his buddies said, “In all the years that we have played golf together on this course,
and all the funeral processions we have seen go by, this is the first time I have seen
anyone show that much respect for one.”

“Oh,” said the first golfer, “That is my wife they are burying today.”


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