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What Goes Around Comes Around

One commercial that I have been seeing a lot on TV lately is for It seems
that you can order your groceries on the internet and have them delivered directly to your
front door. Is this really a new service? This is a limited service now; you must live in
certain ‘delivery areas’ to be able to use it.

At one time ‘free home delivery’ was provided by most of the local neighborhood
grocers, then the large chain stores moved in and put the small neighborhood grocers out
of business and this put a stop to ‘home delivery.’

I guess that home delivery originated with the invention of the telephone in the late
1800’s. You could then call up the local ‘general store’, tell them what you wanted and
they would deliver it to you. The first deliveries were made with horse and buggy.

In the 1920’s the automobile became a popular mode of transportation and soon the
‘panel wagon’ became the favorite delivery method. This provided a mobile billboard
for the store, showing their name, address and telephone number.

By the 1950’s Cleburne had about two dozen grocery stores with a few service
station/store combinations. Today that has reversed, we now have 4 large grocery stores
with twenty something ‘convenience stores’, a gas station/grocery store combination.
Most of the grocery stores had regular delivery schedules. York’s grocery on North
Granbury Street had a morning delivery at 10:00 AM and an afternoon delivery at
3:00PM. This was typical of most of the stores at the time.

With the advent of the chain store ‘supermarkets’ and the two car families of the late
1950’s and 1960’s, home delivery became a thing of the past. I just wonder how long it
will be before more of the ‘chain stores’ realize how much this service would be
appreciated by our senior citizens? Maybe, after 30 odd years, we are beginning to get
back some of the services that we once took for granted.


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