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Lift Others

I truly believe that our personal success can be made easier
if and when we adopt the attitude of being an encourager. It's important
to note that this is the case no matter what background we come from. No
matter what aspect we're trying to apply it to in our lives it still
works. Life has an awesome unwritten rule, 'when we encourage others we
in turn build ourselves up'.

I've met people (as I'm sure you have) that subscribe to the idea that if
they keep others down they make their own place more secure. How wrong
this is! I personally believe that if we really want to be more secure in
our place the easiest way to achieve this is by lifting others. The same
rule applies if you're dealing with your job, school or parenting! The
stronger the group you develop the better off we all are (the more
prepared we all are for the future).

My friend, if you've been blessed with personal success then you have the
civic duty to show and encourage others to do the same. The good news is
that we simply can not imagine how many rewards will come our way as we
adopt the role of "encourager" in our own lives. I am not simply talking
about monetary rewards here. Don't get me wrong, the money is nice, but
it comes and goes in our lives.

The thing we can't place a value on is the awesome feeling we will get
every time someone tells us that they appreciate our taking the time to
help them to reach their dreams! These are the things that you simply can
not put a value on. Being viewed in the light of an "encourager" is such a
rewarding thing (in so many ways). Begin now so that you may see exactly
what I mean...

Your friend in cyberspace, Josh Hinds :-)

By Josh Hinds - Motivation and inspiration 24/7!