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Humor For Your E-Zine

It seems that everything is too serious these days. The destruction of the World
Trade Center Towers has completely changed everyone’s outlook on life. Now
there is the possibility of contracting Anthrax from just reading your daily mail.
Makes for an awfully gloomy world, doesn’t it.

During the darkest days of WWII we had Bob Hope and his group, sponsored by the
USO, that went around to different military bases to entertain our troops, and even
making some personal appearances on the front lines. Anything to keep the
servicemen's spirits up. Today we have service men seeing action overseas also.

It seems that there is not much good news anywhere today. Just about everyone
needs something to lift their spirits. A laugh a day drives the blues away. Below I
have listed several humorous stories with their links that you may link to from
your e-zine or web page.

When linking from your web page if you add: target="new", inside the brackets on
your linking code, as illustrated in the first link below, then whenever anyone closes
out after reading my link they will automatically return to your page.

Now on to the links.

Who says a dog cannot have a merry Christmas.
Check out Rover's Christmas antics.
< a href= target="new" >

A Fish Tale

So you didn't get that big buck you were wanting.
How about 2 turkeys with one shot?

Texas Astronomer Developes Astro-Telescope
Discovers Life On Another Planet!

A short Presidential history lesson and quiz

A Cowboy's Guide To Life

Have you met Joe Blow from Odessa?
Everyone Else Has

The Cow In The Well
(How to get her out?)

A Low Cholesterol Diet
(How is your cholesterol?)

The Winter Of '29

The Tale of Goat Annie
(Who says you can't fight big government and win?)

A Sobering Situation
(Trials of life in the old west)

Mary had a little lamb that followed her to school one day.
Now meet the pigeon who went to school.

A Tater Story
(What did Mr & Mrs Potato teach their daughter?)

The Fireflies
Some of our early immigrants found some unusual insects in this new land.

Origin of the phrase 'Drugstore Cowboy.'

Now For Some Poetry

Throwing A Party
We Americans are always ready for a party.

Feeling down in the dumps?
Think about 'Tomorrow'

The End Of A Perfect Day

Drinking From My Saucer

I Want What She's Having

Twinkle Toes
(Feel like dancing?)

Redneck Love Poem

Moonshine Holler

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