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Bombing of Pearl Harbor

A military foot locker purchased at an estate sale contained several items from the
WWII era. Hidden among the items was an old camera which still contained film.
Not knowing if the film was still good, the camera with the film still loaded was
taken to a camera shop for the film retrieval and possible development. The film
turned out to still be good and when developed there were fifteen pictures of the
bombing of Pearl Harbor. Pretty good for film that was over seventy years old.
Following are those pictures. (Be sure to read the footnote following the pictures.)

Just a footnote.

Several years ago I met George Woods who was living at Fisherman’s Paradise.
George grew up in Hawaii and told me the following story.

He was six years old in 1941 and his family was living in the hills north of Pearl
Harbor. On the morning of December 7 he got up early as he usually did and went
outside to play. About seven o’clock he heard airplanes coming over. They flew
on south, then turned and headed back. That is when he started hearing explosions,
the bombs going off. After the first few planes dropped their bombs the Americans
got their anti-aircraft guns going. The planes they hit were crashing in the hills
behind where George lived. The pilots were bailing out almost over their house.

George and the two friends he had been playing with stopped their playing and
started watching the planes. George had a sling shot and one of the other boys
had a BB gun and they started shooting at the pilots as they were drifting down
in their parachutes. As soon as George’s grandmother saw what was happening,
she ran outside and grabbed George up and carried him in the house.

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