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Plan Ahead

My wife came in the other day and announced,

"I just saved $30.00 today."

"Really," I replied. "And just how did you do that?"

"I bought some new curtains for the bedroom. They
were regularly $99.00 and I got them for $69.00."

"And why did you get curtains for the bedroom?" I asked.

"Because I didn't like the color of the ones we had," she replied.

"Then you didn't save $30.00," I said. "You just blew $69.00."

"Oh! You old scrooge," she said.

Now, let me clarify my point.The purchase of curtains for
any room will come under the heading of redecorating.Some
other things that should be considered before such a
purchase: Are you going to be repapering/painting the room
anytime soon? Are you going to be replacing any of the furniture,
carpet, etc? Get an overall plan of what you want to do with the
room, then you can start replacing the items a little at a time with
a predetermined plan of action in mind.

To purchase something just because it is on sale without a
predetermined need is illogical. This can apply to furniture,
appliances and a host of other items. Once you decide on just
what you want and have the money budgeted for it, then you
can start looking for sales on what you need.

As for me being a scrooge, I flatly deny it. In "A Christmas Carol"
Scrooge was the richest man in town, but refused to see after
the basic needs of his employees. To have money and yet deny
yourself and your family the necessities of life is being a scrooge.
To be on a budget and plan each purchase ahead according to
your finances is called thrift and is commendable.

Too many people get their wants and necessities confused.

John Watson


John writes a weekly column for his hometown newspaper.
You may read some of his stories at:
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