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Revival At The Well

This story has been passed down for several generations and I am passing it on to you.
There are no names or places connected with this story as it could have taken
place anywhere.

In the early part of the twentieth century the little country churches would hold a summer
revival between spring planting and fall harvest time. These revivals were usually held
sometime in July or August, the hottest months of the year.

None of the country churches had air conditioning at this time and the church building
could still be pretty hot inside by the time for services to start, usually at 7:00PM.
Someone would always come by about an hour or two before time for church to start and
raise all the windows to let the building ‘air out’, and hope that there would be a good
breeze blowing by the time services started to keep the building cool.

After sitting through an hour or so of services in that hot building most of the parishners
were ready for a cool drink of water by the time the services were over. The only source
of water at this particular church was a dug well at the back of the building. It was a
shallow well, only about 20 to 25 feet deep, with a wooden box around it with a pully
hanging from a rod overhead so you could let a bucket down with a rope to get some water.

A couple of the neighborhood boys, who were not attending the services, had been
observing what was taking place each night. It seems that as soon as the services were
over a group of the teenage boys would run around the building to be the first to the well
to get a drink of water. The two neighborhood boys who had been observing this decided
that they would have some fun on the last night of the services.

When the last night of the services came around, the two neighborhood boys waited until
everyone was settled into their pews listening to the preacher. When they decided the
coast was clear, they went to the back of the church and lifted the wooden frame from
over the well and moved it about six feet from the well on the side away from the
building. They then went and hid in some brush farther back from the building to wait
and see what happened. It was just beginning to get dark good when the service was over.

Sure enough, as soon as the service was over, the same group of teenage boys came
running around the building headed for the well. The lead boy dropped into the well and
disappeared from sight. The rest of the boys stopped abruptly and were trying to figure
out what had happened to their buddy. It seemed as if the ground had just opened up and
swallowed him. Could this be the work of the devil, they wondered.

Finally they heard his voice and followed the sound over toward the well where they
could understand him; “Watch out up there, someones done gone and moved the well.”


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