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There is always some group somewhere complaining
about being denied "equal rights". They say that in
America all men should be equal, meaning equal opportunity,
pay etc.. This is far from the norm. Why?

They quote from the constitution where it says "all men are
created equal." This is true. At birth all men are equal. It is
what happens from this point on that makes a difference.

Where you are brought up can make a difference in the
opportunities that you receive as well as your families financial
circumstances. However, each child has equal opportunity to
receive a free public education.. Here it is the parents
responsibility to see that the child goes to school and to teach
them good study habits.

If a child has been diligent in his studies and kept a good grade
average by the time he is through high school, then he is ready
for the final preparation for his life's career, whether it be
attending college, a trade school or other. Any student with a good
grade point average should be able to attend college. If he is unable
financially to pay his way, there are many different sources for
grants, government and private, whereby he may obtain the
resources to attend college.

Some will give the excuse, "Well, he is from a broken home." There
are many children from broken homes that do well in school and go
on to do well in life. They are the ones that have had a parent,
guardian or outside mentor to guide them, instilling in them good
study habits and the knowledge of right and wrong.

Others will give the excuse, "The teachers are not doing a good
job. They have no control over the students in class." Perhaps
these are the ones that are not made to behave at home and
therefore do not know how to behave in class. However, there
are many students that go through these same classes that have
a good grade average. So, is it the teachers fault, or is the student
too interested in something other than schoolwork and just not paying attention?

Each person must take control of his own destiny, and this must be
taught to children at a young age. Whatever you do today will have
an effect on your future, whether good or bad. To play hookey from
school today may seem like fun, but it can possibly cause you to
lower your grade average, thus lowering your chances of entering
college, and therefore having a negative effect on your entire future.

Is a day of fun away from school worth the risk?

We all have our future in our own hands. We all have equal
opportunity for an education and/or other training, but it is up to each
of us whether or not we take advantage of that opportunity. We are
all created equal, but we all have different goals and ideals in life, and
it depends on how much effort we put forth, whether or not we
achieve those goals.

Success in life is being able to take what resources you have,
education, training, etc., and making something of it. This will
take some effort and hard work, but anything in life that is
worthwhile takes time and effort to achieve.

You can give two different people a stone, and one will look at it and
say, "A stone, what good is it anyway?" and throw it away. The other
person will take the stone and carve a statue from it worth
hundreds or thousands of dollars.

As men we are all created equal, yet we are all different, each with
different goals and ideals in life. Are you willing to put forth
the effort needed to achhieve those goals?

John Watson

John writes a weekly column for his hometown newspaper.
You may read some of his stories at:
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