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Rover's Christmas

Twas Christmas eve,
And all through the house,
The sound of the rustling of paper,
(Still can’t find that computer mouse.)

Finally the gifts are all wrapped,
And ready to go under the tree.
The rest of the family fast asleep,
Except for maw and me.

Rover there on the hearth,
Curled up into a little ball.
Little Danny in his room,
Down at the end of the hall.

Just as the clock begins to strike twelve,
Maw and I head for the bed.
Ready, finally, for a long winters nap,
For we really have nothing to dread.

Just as I begin to doze, I hear a little jingle,
And in a moment I am awakened by a loud “WOOF!”
Then there is a CRASH, BAM, CLANG,
And I know for certain this isn’t on the roof.

I rush over and open the door to see,
What all this commotion could be.
And what to my surprise did I see?
Rover chasing Santa around the christmas tree.

About this time Santa spotted the door,
And as he opened the door to leave,
Rover made one final leap,
And landed with a piece of Santa’s sleave.

And we heard Santa as he ran across the lawn,
“Come on Dancer, come on Prancer with my sleigh,
To the pole, to the pole, for a stitch in time,
We’ll have to try and make this round another day.”

As I turned to survey the room,
Decorations and gifts scattered all over,
Right there in the middle of it all,
Looking innocent as could be, my dog Rover.

John Watson


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