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Get Regular - Stay Fit

'Do you have iron poor, tired blood?' Remember that lead-in
to the old Geritol commercials? That line sold a lot of Geritol.

It seems a lot of people no longer have the pep and energy
they once had and are looking for something to renew their
energy. Maybe they need something besides a pill or elixir.

Just take a look around you at nature. The sun rises and sets
each day on a predetermined schedule. The seasons change
each year on a regular schedule. So, doesn't it just make
sense that our bodies would do much better if we kept a regular
schedule on everything that we do.

First, your body needs regular rest. This includes having a
regular time to go to bed each night and sticking to it. I know,
there is a good movie on tonight at midnight and you can watch
it and still make it to work tomorrow. Don't do it, as this will
throw your bodys clock out of sync. Put a tape in the VCR,
record the movie and watch it later at a more convenient time.

Next is your body's need for nourishment. This should include
three regular meals a day on a regular time schedule. Here is
where most people fail. They are so busy that they don't take
time to set down and eat a nourishing meal at regular times.
They just grab some type of snack food and eat on the run. Bad
for the body. You need to eat a good variety of fruits and
vegetables every day.

Your system needs cleansing each day. This is accomplished
by drinking plenty of water, at least 8 glasses. The function of
your kidneys is to cleanse the impurities from your blood and
they need a regular supply of fresh water to do that. Carbonated
and alcoholic beverages do not count.

To keep all systems of your body functioning properly you need
plenty of exercise. This doesn't have to be a workout at the gym.
A good brisk walk of a mile or so will stimulate your heart and
help improve the blood circulation. Doing yard work, a horseback
ride, just about any outdoor activity you enjoy will be beneficial.

Get regular, stay fit. If you have been feeling tired and run down
lately, why not try setting up a regular schedule for sleeping,
eating and exercise. Try it for 30 days and see how you feel.
I do not believe that our bodies were meant to take all the drugs
and medications they are offering on the market today. The
natural way seems better to me.

John Watson


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