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Our nation last week experienced the first acts of war on our soil since the Civil War.
These acts of war can be very traumatizing to everyone, not just those in the immediate
vicinity. I offer my condolences to all who were affected by these acts.

This is a time for everyone to work together, pray together and go forward to create a
stronger, more unified nation. To each and everyone of you I offer the following thoughts.


Tho the day is dark and dreary,
And your body and soul are weary,
Remember, there is always tomorrow.

Tho your life, like a ship, may be
Adrift upon the storm tossed sea,
Remember, there is always tomorrow.

Tho you may be in the bottomless pit of despair,
With no hope, no one to care,
Remember, there is always tomorrow.

Life can be harsh, life can be trying,
There may be times when you feel like dying,
But remember, there is always tomorrow.

After every storm a rainbow is shining,
And every cloud has a silver lining,
And the sun will shine again tomorrow.

The seas will calm, tranquility will return,
Enjoy life, let hope return,
Forget the past, look only to tomorrow.


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