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The picture postcard has gone through many style changes over the past hundred years or so.
Below are several samples of cards from the early twentieth century to the present.

John Watson
The Texas Traveler

Sam Watson sitting in the moon.
Photo made at Electric Post Card Studio in Fort Worth, Texas.

Texas cowboy herding cattle.

San Marr Motel in Cleburne, Texas taken in late 60's.

John Watson - 7 years old.

Postcard used by dentists to remind you of appointment.

Baby picture made around 1900.

Early beach acene.

A Billy the Kid postcard.

Carnegie Library in late 60's; now Layland Museum.

Postcard promoting New Mexico.

Postcard of a Hula girl probably from the 1940's.

Postcard showing arial view of downtown Clovis, NM.

Sam Watson, made at the Electric Post Card Studio in Fort Worth.

Postcard listing rules of the Far West Stage line.

Wright's Court, early day tourist court in Terrell, Texas
located on Hwy 80 "The Broadway of America."

The Johnson County Courthouse taken in late 60's.