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Texas Trivia

When traveling I enjoy stopping along the way and checking out the historical markers
placed along the side of the highway. Sometimes you can find some little known
information that is not readily available elsewhere. Consider the following bits of

Ten miles east of the town of Goldthwaite, on highway 84, is the community of
Center City; population, about 20, or so I was told. According to the historical
marker located there this community was settled in 1854 by the families of William
Jenkins and David Morris. The Community was called “Hughes Store” after W C Hughes
and his wife opened a store there in the 1870’s. They platted a townsite in 1876,
hoping to attract the railroad and to become county seat.

An ancient live oak tree about 100 yards south of the highway, by tradition once
considered the center of Texas, was site of temporary court and school sessions and
religious services. Renamed “Center City,” this thriving town boasted several stores
and businesses until the railroad bypassed it in 1885. The post office remained
until 1920.

Today there is a combination general store/service station, a farm supply business, a
church and several houses left. The old hotel was torn down several years ago.

Now, let’s go west about 50 miles to a point about 25 miles south of Brownwood on
highway 377 just south of the Colorado River. Here on a hill top east of the highway
is a roadside park containing a plaque with this inscription:

“The Texas Highway Department proudly dedicates this park as the ‘Heart Of Texas
Park.’ Site furnished by City Of Brady, McCollogh County, D A Harkrider, Mayor.
Texas Highway Commission, E H Thornton, Jr., Chairman. 1956”

Here you have two different locations approximately 50 miles apart, each claiming to
be the center of Texas. As far as I know there has never been a survey done to
determine the center of Texas and considering the shape of the state, that might be
hard to determine to an exact point. So let’s just say that anywhere between Center
City and the Heart of Texas Park could be considered the center of Texas.

A little extra trivia:

The Texas Motto is “Friendly,” which is the meaning of the Indian word ‘Tejas,’
which was the name of a tribe of Indians from which Texas got its name.

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