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Two Turkeys, One Shot

While deer hunting in the hill country northwest of San Antonio I got to my stand about
an hour before daylight to be ready for the deer as they left their feeding ground and
headed into the brush for the day. Daylight came and I waited patiently for the deer to
come by, but none showed up. After two hours of waiting nothing had showed up and
my leggs were beginning to cramp. I decided to get down and walk around some to
limber myself up.

A short distance from my stand was a large live oak tree. As I neared the tree I could see
that there were two wild turkeys in the tree. I just thought, a turkey dinner would be as
good as a deer and two would be better. There I was with two turkeys in a tree and only
a deer rifle to shoot them with. If I shot one, the other would get away; I had to figure
out a way to get both of them with one shot.

I circled the tree twice trying to figure the best angle to shoot from. A body shot with the
rifle I had would destroy most of the meat and a head shot was out of the question.
Finally, I had it figured out.

The turkeys were sitting side by side on a small limb so I walked under the tree directly
underneath where the turkeys were perched. I aimed straight up betweeen the two
turkeys with my sight directly on the center of the limb they were sitting on and
pulled the trigger.

As the bullet entered the limb, it split open a crack and the turkeys toes dropped into the
crack. As the bullet exited the limb, it closed up again, clamping down on the turkeys
toes and holding them securely. I got both turkeys with one shot.