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The Advantages of TV

The children of today have many more advantages than
the children of two or three generations ago. Let's just
take the TV as an example.

The children of today do not need to learn to read as
early or to develop an imagination. All their fairy tales,
bed time stories and cartoons are shown in living color
on TV. There is nothing to read and nothing is left to
the imagination.

There is really no need to try and get a college degree.
You can just get a job in the TV industry. After watching
most of the new shows on TV, it is obvious that most of
the writers, directors and actors never got past grade school.

The children today do not need to try to slip into the local
pool hall to hear some of those words that they are taught
in Sunday School should never be used. They can hear all
the dirty talk they want to at home on TV. The cartoons today
are even rated, many with a PG13 rating. This rating is usually
for the foul language, however some are rated for the sex and
violence. I thought that cartoons were supposed to be
entertaining and funny; however, the cartoons of today are
anything but funny and entertaining.

The children, by the time they are old enough to talk, are
being programmed to tell their folks just what they want.
The big advertising agencies are directing more and more
advertising each year to the children. The advertising personel
know exactly who controls the purse strings at home. Just
take a good look at McDonalds and the billions of burgers they
have sold. It is the 'kids meal' with the advertised toy that has
brought McDonalds all that business.

One of the latest advertising crazes aimed at the children is the
'pokemon'. At the opening of the first 'Pokemon' movie in our
area several hundred parents called the schools and said their
child was sick and could not go to school. However, they all
showed up at the local theater that day for the opening of the
'Pokemon' movie. Oh, and the latest 'Pokemon' cards are
'Fibbermom' and 'Liardad".

The youth of today no longer have to lie about their age in order
to get into the theater to see a XXX rated movie. They now have
cable TV at home and can watch the XXX rated movies whenever
they want to. The ones who do not have cable TV at home usually
have friends that do have cable and they can visit their friends and
watch cable TV.

The young people of today are learning from the soap operas
just how easy it is to go from one husband/wife to another with
no feelings of guilt; or how to live together without getting married.
Are these the morals we really want to teach out youth?

Yes, TV is very educational, but is this what we want to be teaching
our children? Too many people use the TV as a baby sitter. They
turn the TV on, go on about their business, and leave the TV to
entertain their children. As long as the children are quiet the
parent is satisfied.

Have you sat down with your child lately and watched TV with
him/her to see what shows they are watching? You may be
surprised at some of the things they are showing on the
children's channel now.

John Watson


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