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Another Useless Law The cell phone has created quite a controversy in some areas. It seems that New York City has now passed a law banning cell phones in theatres and restaurants. Now they are trying to legislate etiquette. What next, a law banning chewing gum in public places? There are ways to deal with the cell phones other that enacting more new laws. Remember the hatcheck girl? Theatres and restaurants could have their customers/patrons to check their cell phone at the lobby to be put in a sound proof vault. Anyone not checking in his or her cell phone and receiving a call while inside would be immediately escorted out. Another way to go would be to have a cell phone room at the theatre. This would be a separate, soundproof room similar to the cry room. When purchasing tickets a person would be asked if they intended to bring a cell phone and if so they would be seated in the cell phone room. Anyone not wishing to be seated in the separate cell phone room could leave their phone at home or in their car. The restaurants could have cell phone and non-cell phone sections just as they have smoking and non-smoking sections now. Would the cell phone section be combined with the smoking section or would it be a completely different section? Fast food places would have no problem as they are usually so noisy that a cell phone ringing would never be noticed anyway. Whenever I leave the house I am glad to be away from the telephone. Who wants to be at the theatre and mid-way through "The Music Man", the phone rings and a salesman says: "Good news, Mr. Watson, we have a special on vinyl siding today. If you give us the OK today to come out and measure your house we can give you a thousand dollar discount." I donít want vinyl siding, and besides, my house is brick. These salesmen will hunt you down wherever you go.