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History and Descendants of
Samuel White and Sophia Jackson

(A Family History)
A brief family history and lineage of Samuel White and Sophia Jackson

(To the members of the White/Watson/Jordan Family viewing this website, I am just in
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lived, types of business involved in, farming, ranching, real estate, etc, or types
of jobs held. I would also be interested in any amusing stories of your family
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Samuel White was born October 13, 1831 in Indiana and died May 03, 1894 in Nemo,
Somervell County, Texas; burial: Georges Creek Cemetery, Somervell County, Texas.

Sophia Jackson was born December 30, 1840 in Arkansas and died November 16, 1891 in
Nemo, Somervell County, Texas; burial: Georges Creek Cemetery, Somervell County,

They were married October 18, 1855 in Hopkins County, Texas.

They traveled with the Hart family, with Charles Goodnight as their guide, to Johnson
County, Texas where the Hart Family settled on land just east of what is now Rio
Vista and Samuel an Sophia went farther west and settled on what is now Buck Creek,
near the Brazos River. This area was later taken away from Johnson County to form
Somervell County.

Sam and Sophia's first home was a two room log house with a walkway, or 'dog run',
between the rooms. This log house is still standing and is used as storage area today.

Samuel White started ranching and over the years made many cattle drives up the
Chisholm Trail to Kansas City. As his cattle business began to prosper he built a
large two story ranch house and later bought out some neighboring homesteads to
increase his land holdings. The ranch house was destroyed by fire in 1967.

Children of Samuel White and Sophia Jackson White are:

Andrew Green White; born June 30, 1857; died August 18, 1887

Meredith White; born July 05, 1859; died June 18, 1887

Francis White; born July 08, 1862; died September 23, 1937

Samuel White, Jr.; born October 25, 1865; died April 21, 1950

James White; born October 22, 1867; died October 20, 1869

Robert E Lee White; born December 13, 1869; died May 12, 1882

Paris Wilburn White; born June 07, 1872; died September 07, 1895

Gideon Oliver White; born December o1, 1875; died March 20, 1958

Edmond Earl White; born October 07, 1877; died December 22, 1964

* * * * * * *

One story I remember Edmond Earl, (Edna), White telling was about when they
were children growing up on the old home place. There was a clearing on the
hillside between the house and buckcreek. This was the favorite playing spot
for the children.

In those days the Indians followed the waterways in their search for game and
they very often came through this clearing as they followed the waters of buckcreek.

As Edna told the story, whenever they were playing in this clearing, one of
them would be appointed as lookout to keep watch for Indians. Whenever Indians
were spotted, the one on lookout would whistle to signal the others and they
would crouch down and hide in the broom weeds until the Indians had passed by
and then go on about their playing.

* * * * * * * * * *

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