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Work - A State Of Mind

We hear a lot now about choosing a career and finding something that you enjoy doing
so that your job will not be so boring. Anytime you go into a place of business you can
tell which employees enjoy their work just by their attitude toward the customers.

An old story I heard about work attitude concerned a young Irishman.

The young man came to the United States in the early part of the twentieth century
looking for work. The construction business was booming at that time as work was
starting on many of the large office buildings that would later be known as the first

It did not take the young man long to find a job with a construction crew. He worked for
several weeks and saved his money. Finally, he had enough to send a goodly amount to
his family back in Ireland. He sent the following note with the money telling the
family about his good fortune.

Dear folks;

Just a note to let you know that I am doing fine. Everyone here is friendly and there is
plenty of work to be done. I got a job with a construction crew working on a new office
building. The pay is good and the work is not too bad.

They gave me a V shaped box with a long handle in the bottom of it. I fill the box with
bricks, pick it up by the handle, put it over my shoulder and carry it up four flights of
steps. At the top I stack the bricks on a scaffold and there are some guys there they call
brick masons who do all the work.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Your son, Jake

Apparently work is just a state of mind.


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